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July 6, 2008

Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog. It’s about informing men and women about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that can provide optimal health and vitality for your whole lifespan. Currently, the average lifespan of a man is 78 years and 83 years for a woman. You could easily live into your 90’s with a prudent lifestyle. But who wants to live to be 90 if we can’t sleep, have no energy, lose our memory, lose our minds (Alzheimer’s), lose our eyesight, lose our muscles, break weak bones, are depressed, have no sex drive, develop multiple diseases of aging, and wind up in a nursing home?

We now have the means now to change all that. We age because we lose our hormones. By replacing our hormones and nutrients we can avoid the symptoms of hormone loss like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and low libido, and stay healthy for the rest of our lives. Estrogen in women and testosterone in men are reponsible for heart health, bone health, brain health, and eye health.

When you feel good, you want to look good. I’ll talk about the latest in non-surgical aesthetic procedures for improving appearance including Botox, fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, photofacial, and skin care. Feel better, look better!

For further informattion contact:

Aref Bhuiya M.D., 5655 Lindero Canyon Rd., Ste. 202, Westlake Village, CA 91362, 818-597-3223.

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